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We develop the website you've always dreamed of.

If you have an idea that is not possible by default in Wix or Editor X, use our custom coding service Velo. With Velo, our programmers can add extra tools or functionalities to your website that you have always dreamed of.
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More functionalities thanks to API links

API stands for Application Programming Interface and is software that allows your Wix or Editor X website to communicate with other software programs. The API forms the connection between different systems. You can think of the link between a CRM system, an online (payment) portal or accounting software. Our experts are happy to help you integrate these extra tools or functionalities.
 Application Programming Interface |  Wix Web Wizard
Menu Configuratior
API Menu Configurator | Wix Website Design
Search Module

Manage your website with the content manager

Wix offers an easy-to-use content manager that allows you to efficiently update and manage content without going into the editor. For example, do you want to add a new customer case? This is no problem with the content manager and dynamic pages. Our team of Velo developers are happy to help you.

Your own App in the Wix App market.

There are over 200 million active Wix websites worldwide. These websites all have access to theWix App Market. These apps provide extra functionality and improve your website and your online success. By Marko's tame can help you develop your own app and integrate your SAAS product into the Wix App Market.
Apllications in Wix App Market | Wix Velo
Wix Website Developer | Editor X Website Design

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