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Increase your searchability for Google.

Together with Wix, we provide the best SEO for your website.

You have a Wix website and now you want to be found well by Google. Getting a high position in the search results takes time and energy. Wix has all the tools needed to give your website the best SEO. Have your website optimized by our SEO experts and score higher in Google.
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What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. When your website is well optimized for search engines, it will be better displayed in the results of Google, among others. This means more people will find your company or product online. Wix has everything you need for great SEO results. With the help of our SEO experts and our professional SEO tools, we ensure that you are found optimally.
How To get Found Faster in Google | Wix SEO

How will I be found faster?

Be patient, it can take some time for new websites to be fully indexed by Google. If you want everything to go faster, have your Wix website optimized by our experts.

We register your website directly with Google and link it to Google Search console so that your website is indexed faster.

  • How do search engines work?
    To summarize, search engines use an advanced set of algorithms to crawl, index and access web pages. The first stage is called 'crawling', which is basically the process of scanning or reading your website's code. In the second stage, the crawled web pages are stored in a huge database. This is called 'indexing'. The last part occurs as soon as someone enters a query into the window. The search engine consults that same database and then displays the web pages it deems most relevant to that particular query. This is of course a simple explanation. If you want to know more about SEO, please contact.
  • Are Wix websites well found?
    Yes, sure! 🚀 Wix has all the tools you need to give your website the best SEO. But good SEO does take time and effort. Getting a high position in Google all depends on the work you put into optimizing your website. By Marko specializes in SEO optimization for Wix websites. We are happy to help you further. Not convinced yet? Check out the reviews at Website Builder Expert.
  • Is the experience (UX) of the website also important for SEO?
    The way visitors perceive and experience the content of your website is certainly important. It is calculated in several ways, such as: the time someone spends on the page, the number of pages viewed and the bounce rate. That is why it is extremely important that your website not only looks beautiful, but is also functional and user-friendly. In addition, the right experience of your website often also ensures more conversion. If you also want an optimal website, choose our Wix Optimal package .
  • How am I better found locally?
    Local SEO is important if you want to appear in search results when someone is looking for a business near you, for example 'bicycle shop in Amsterdam'. Boosting your local findability is a great way to attract potential customers from your own area. One of the best ways to get found locally is to register your business with Google My Business. This will allow your business to appear on Google Maps and increase your chances of appearing in local search results.
  • What are SEO backlinks?
    Backlinks are links that link from external websites to your own website (or one of its pages). They are an important part of your SEO strategy. The more links you can get, the more Google considers your website to be trustworthy and authoritative
  • How often should I post a blog post?
    By posting blog posts you keep your website fresh and provided with new content. The more content you publish, the more often the Google bots come back to look for more. But don't worry, you certainly don't have to publish a blog post every day. Try to find a rhythm that suits you and your workflow. The minimum should be once a month, but if you are really committed to your SEO, we recommend doing it once a week. Of course, more is always welcome, especially if you have valuable information to share.
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Before you can really get started with SEO, it is important to know for which keywords you want to be found. Don't think about how you would describe your company or product, think about what people would search for online. For example, use smart tools such as Google's keyword planner to discover which keywords best suit your website. 
Content is King | Wix SEO

Content is King

In addition to the right keywords, perfect SEO texts (content) are very important for findability. Search engines look at certain criteria that good content must meet, such as: iIs the text valuable and useful to the reader and is this text unique. In addition, make sure that you regularly update the content. If you have a lot of valuable and unique content you can use a Blog.

Advanced SEO | Wix SEO

Advanced SEO

With Wix's advanced SEO settings, we can take your website to the next level in terms of SEO. Using structured data, custom meta tags, dynamic pages, SEO APIs and URL structures, we create a custom SEO solution for your website.
 Free SEO scan | Wix SEO
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Free SEO scan 

Do you already have a Wix site but do you want to be found better? Then have your website checked by our experts. We check your website for the most important SEO points and give you advice on how your website can be better indexed by Google.

The Wix SEO Services Offered By Wix Patriots Include:


Advance SEO

At Wix Patriots, our team specializes in social media marketing and can help you build and maintain a strong presence on major social media sites. 

Link Building

We also offer link-building services to help you create high-quality backlinks such as guest posting, directory submission, and article marketing. By creating backlinks, your website can be pushed to the rankings of Google much faster.

Pay Per Click

You can also avail yourself of our pay-per-click services to get guaranteed results for your website. It allows you to increase traffic on your site and boost sales.

Local Citations

We also deliver local citation services to mention your business on other sites. It is important that wherever your company is listed as the correct information. You should look to be listed in as many national and local relevant sites as possible, as it will help build credibility and increase your ability to rank for local searches.

Website Optimisation

Your website is the front face of your business. So, it leaves the first impression on your customers. We ensure that it loads fast and presents your services and goals for your customers. It should also have relevant keywords that customers use to search about your business to rank in search results.

Voice Search Optimization

We also offer voice search optimization services that assist you in optimizing your website to be able to search by voice. Optimizing your website for voice searches is essential with the growing popularity of voice-based assistants, such as Amazon Alexa and Google Home.

Reputation Management

Business is all about Reputation. In today's digital world, no one will even visit your store or company if you don't have a well-established reputation. Our team ensures you a well-established system to maintain your reputation online and even filter any spam or unrelated negative reviews. 

Google My Business

It is a free tool by Google that you can use to show in location searches of Google, i.e. Google Maps. But for that purpose, your profile should be claimed, verified and fully completed. You can share information about your business, such as mobile phone, address, websites, photos, videos, details about Products and services you sell etc.

Amazon SEO

We also deliver Amazon SEO services to help you promote your products on Amazon. It is the world's largest online marketplace, so it is essential to have a presence on this platform with millions of potential customers.

Content Marketing

We also offer content marketing services to help you create and promote high-quality content. It is helpful to increase your ranking on search engines.

Reputation Management

Wix Patriots offers app store optimization services to help you promote your mobile apps. We can help you increase the visibility of your app on the app store and the number of downloads.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Wix Patriots provides conversion rate optimization to increase the number of users who take the desired step through your website. You will get help to improve your website's design and layout to increase conversion rates.

Reporting And Analytics

Wix Patriots also provides detailed reports and analytics so that you can track the progress of your SEO campaign. This way, you can change your strategy to get better results.

 International SEO

If you want to target customers in other countries, then our international SEO services are perfect for you. We can assist you in optimizing your website to be optimized for global search engines, such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

Video SEO

We also offer video SEO services to help you improve the visibility of your videos on YouTube and other video-sharing sites. It is also helpful to engage more visitors.

Mobile SEO

We also offer mobile SEO services to help you optimize your website for mobile devices. Today, more and more people are using mobile devices to access the internet, so it is essential to have a mobile-friendly website.

Web Design And Development

Alongside SEO services, We also provide web design and development services. Our experienced developers will create a responsive and user-friendly website for you.
Web Design And Development | Wix SEO

Social Media Marketing

Our team also specializes in social media marketing. They will help you establish and maintain your presence on major social media sites
If you're looking for Wix SEO services to assist you in achieving your goals, Contact us now!

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