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I will create a professional 2d animated explainer video For You

We create Social Media and TV Commercials, and studio-level ads Etc.
  1. Your Website/product link etc.

  2. Your Logo

  3. Provide your footage/image (If any)

  4. Text/Script (I can also create it for you)

What you will get?
Explainer Video | Wix Web wizard
What do I need to get started?
  1. A fully customized commercial

  2. Premium Stock footage 

  3. License music (Royalty Free)

  4. Custom Text Overlay (Motion Graphic)

  5. Voice over (Female or Male) 

We can make live-action, motion graphics, or a hybrid of both styles.
Motion Graphics | Wix WebWizard.
  1. Business or corporate videos

  2. Cinematic real estate videos

  3. Pharma & medical videos

  4. Pharma explainer and medical explainer

  5. Crowdfunding & fundraising videos

  6. NFT (Non-fungible token) & crypto videos

  7. Mobile App promo & website promo

  8. Event Promo

  9. Product ads

  10. Movie Trailer

  11. Short Ads

  12. Real Estate 

  13. Facebook Ads

  14. Instagram Ads

  15. Any types of Ads

  16. Slideshow

  17. Youtube Intro

  18. music lyrics

  19. Any type of editing

Thanks for taking the time to check my website


With more than five years of experience, Im here to edit your video with the latest software like Canva Pro and Filmora. I can provide high quality customized videos for you.

We can make live-action, Video Editing, Youtube Reels, Instagram Short Video Etc.
Video Editing (Filmora) | WIx Web Wizard
Video Editing (Filmora)
I will do video editing in adobe Premiere Pro 

 I work passionately and I just love doing my work. Client satisfaction is my top priority and I'm just hungry for it!


I can help you with your Social media videos, Advertisements, Films, Music videos, Gaming clips, Wedding clips, Real Estate, Twitch, Tiktoks and all other kind of videos

Video Editing (Premiere PRO)
Video Editing (Premiere PRO) | Wix Web Wizard

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