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Wix websites are now faster than ever

Wix will soon present Wix Turbo. Wix Turbo is the supercharged platform that will make your Wix website load faster than ever.

"Wix is faster than ever and the whole world needs to know it," said Omar Shai, CMO at Wix. That's why Wix teamed up with Marvel to develop a campaign to promote Wix Turbo. The campaign explains the speed and power of Wix Turbo. In the eyes of Wix, customers are the real heroes and Wix's goal is to give them the power and speed to be successful with their websites.

Wix Turbo is a collection of product enhancements that will change the way Wix websites are presented and make them load faster. Wix has achieved this by developing proprietary technology that optimizes browser rendering time without compromising functionality or user experience.

More than 147 million users around the world will take advantage of Wix Turbo. For more information click here.

For questions about Wix Turbo and the benefits for your website, please contact By Wix Web Wizard.

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