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Is Wix SEO Friendly? Questions about Wix and SEO

We all know that SEO (search engine optimization) is crucial for your website if you want to achieve online success with your business. This is exactly why Wix pulls out all the stops to work with the best tools to help users improve their rankings on Google's pages.

Today, more than 150 million proud website owners around the world use Wix. And they achieve great search results. In fact, Google confirmed quite recently that Wix has great tools for improving the visibility of your website. Still, some people still ask 'Is Wix SEO Friendly?'. In fact, Wix has the best SEO capabilities for your website. Below we are going to cover most of the burning questions around the topic of Wix SEO.

Are Wix Websites Good for SEO?

When it comes to the SEO of your website, search engines such as Google do not distinguish between the different website builders or Content Management Systems (CMS) with which your website is built. The most important ingredients for good SEO are: Lots of good and fresh content, backlinks and providing the best visitor experience possible. These are all easy to achieve with Wix. In fact, the tools that Wix offers are so powerful that 82% of users saw improvements in Google after using them.

Conclusion: Wix websites are fully recognized by all major search engines.

Can my Wix website be found on Google?

Wix has everything you need to make your website easy to find online. Thanks to the ultimate tool Wix SEO Wiz, your website will quickly be indexed by Google. For Wix users, this is a pretty cool experience because new pages are immediately visible in the search results. There is no waiting time, they are on Google within seconds.

Does good SEO cost a lot of money?

Wix is convinced that you can do a lot yourself for good SEO. In most cases, organic search traffic (search traffic without paying extra) is the main source of traffic to your website. Wix offers free tools and powerful SEO tools you need to improve your ranking. One of these wonderful tools is the Wix SeO Wix. You will find that there is absolutely no need to pay a lot for great SEO results. All you need is some guidance. The SEO experts at By Marko can of course help you with this.

Are Wix URLs Optimized?

Ugly URLs are a thing of the past! It is now super easy to optimize your URLs in Wix. In addition, your domain names and URLs are automatically made HTTPS. This tells visitors and search engines that your pages are safe and that visitor information is encrypted. This is especially important for sites dealing with sensitive information such as credit card information. For Google, this security is important for the search algorithm. So if you have a Wix website, your site is more likely to climb in search results than if you have a site that is not certified.

Are the products on my Wix webshop SEO optimized?

Everyone knows that the success of a webshop starts with great SEO. Wix stores offers an abundance of SEO tools. For example, the product pages are automatically provided with the best SEO titles for findability in Google. If you are looking for more tips and possibilities of SEO in your Wix webshop, please contact us.

Will JavaScript adversely affect my SEO?

Behind the scenes of your website is a complex encrypted infrastructure. Parts of JavaScripts reside in this structure. Indeed, in the past it was quite difficult for search engines to read and understand these JavaScripts. But times change. Google is now perfectly capable of crawling JavaScripts and can now view the content of your website in the same way that visitors would.

Are Wix websites mobile-friendly?

Because more and more people nowadays use Google on the go, Wix has devoted a lot of attention to search engine optimization for mobile websites in recent months. All Wix websites come with a mobile-friendly version of your website. All you need to do is adjust the layout so that it looks visually appealing.

Can a Wix website compete with more complicated websites?

As we said, search engines do not choose favorite website builders or CMS systems for SEO. So if you may have taken the less technical route of building a website with Wix, your site still has a good chance of being found in Google.

For users who choose the more technical side to build and optimize a website, use Corvid to further improve their website. This integrated development environment from Wix allows you to manage and adjust data. With code, you can easily create a large number of dynamic pages thanks to database collections. Of course these pages automatically meet the SEO standard. Amazing, right?

Will my images be found on my Wix website?

If you have set the alt text of your images, photos and charts with the correct SEO terms, your images will be found by Google. If you want to know more about writing the correct alt texts and the best SEO content for your website, please contact By Marko. They are happy to help you.

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